New Blood DandAd Brief “Ten years time” ¬ Illustration.












controlling what you see

controlling what you like

controlling what you eat



control_saulgrobles_mooSociety has become preoccupied and obsessed with technology and their mobile devices to the point were they have the power to dictate how we think and feel I have noticed this trend has permeated every level of society, my project is based around the idea of how will we use technology in ten years time.

When I’m in the gym I see many people looking at their devices and almost everyone always does. That was one of my main conceptual ideas. It may be possible that so much technology around us make us lose consciousness of ourselves. So I took that concept and interpreted in the way of what if the technology will control our tastes. What if technology will control what we look at, and what if technology could feed us as well?

These three concepts were developed later and in support of the main image. The main image of the work does to see how devices could control us in ten years time and links at the three conceptual support images.
Within the main images I explored various taglines to support my illustration work, such as “the ultimate connectedness” and “Network related” but I eventually chose “outsmarted by Tech” as it clearly stated what I wanted to say through my illustrations.

Different techniques were used to create my illustrations, such as the use of hand lettering and the integration of illustrated human figures. The uses of type within my illustrations are a metaphor for technology taking over people’s lives. I have represented this by the type crashing into the illustrations of humans.

I added illustrations of human hands to the smart devices to enhance the concept of technology controlling us. The hands relate to how we interact with smart devices.
During the sketching process of this project (I have provided sketch’s from the brainstorming section) I played with the idea of using puppets which represent the grip technology has on us, I used the use of hands instead as it relates to the physical use of smart devices. You can see I have used the concept of hands to support all of my illustrations. Firstly the ‘Likes’ illustration, based around the idea of social network ‘likes’. Secondly in my ‘eyes’ illustration, to represent technology controlling what we are allowed to see and finally in my third illustration the ‘feeding bottle’, this is the extreme concept based in the future that technology will control what feeds us.

The four images summarize my concerns with how we consume and interact with technology. Five years ago we consumed technology very differently than we do today, we will continue to become more reliant on technology and we need to make our future selves aware of this, in ten years time.