YCN Moo Brief “Design Works Wonders” ¬ Illustration Poster.



















Moo would like you to create a visual representation with their tagline: Design Works Wonders.
The company is looking for something visually striking, something that will directly appeal and speak to our design-loving customers, whilst building intrigue about Moo. The main idea of the project is to represent the concept with a single image that contains the nature of Moo.

To start the brainstorming of ideas, there are actions that are important for Moo. For example when you give a card to someone. You’re starting a new conversation or perhaps starting a business with a person. Then I made several sketches on actions like handshakes, open doors, people speaking, saying hello, and so on. I put separate drawings by actions to see how it works. I thought about what was the relationship between the logo and brand. Maybe this link comes from the lowing of cows and therefore the shape looks like a drop of milk.

I made my own assumption and I thought about the shape of the logo as a reference for a milk drop. So I started drawing shapes of drops and fill in the content with small strokes. Playing with that I created a kind of drawing characterised by simple strokes but loaded with content. At that point, I already knew the kind of illustration it was going to be but I still had to see how it was going to fit into the whole artwork. Work began to play when I started mixing both illustration ideas in the same drawing, each and every single tiny detail in the drawing reflects small actions which refers to Moo.

After that, I tested a color palette with Moo, reaching for a result with a high color contrast to distinguish the different parts of the entire drawing. To get more contrast I had to play with the background of the artwork then I tested a darker color palette like green, blue, kind of purple and grey.

Finally, I chose the special green(Moo green) for the background color referring to the corporate color of Moo. This color is shown as different small stains and drops which emphasises the main idea of the drop of milk in the whole artwork.

To close the job I was working on a lettering with Moo’s tagline that I have integrated in the poster. The lettering is located at the top to avoid downplaying the main drawing. I use the compensation with Moo’s logo and its website on the bottom to unify everything. Both items are in white to increase the contrast of the letters but they are in a second perspective.